Anti-theft alarm

Worried about losing your phone? With a theft alarm you can prevent your phone from being stolen or lost.

Anti-theft alerts prevent a thief from using your device even if he restarts the phone or shuts down the app. The alarm goes off until the correct word is entered.

Do you hate searchers who try to access and abuse your phone (WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, texts and emails, etc.)?

Use a burglar alarm if you do not want someone to use your device without your permission.

Condition of use:
1) When your device is charging when someone breaks it, loud noise will help you to prevent theft or misuse by taking advantage of the charge cost.
2) At work, you can put your phone on your laptop and run the system. An alarm will sound if someone tries to access your laptop or phone.
3) When traveling on public transport you can use the proximity to prevent your device from being stolen from your pocket.
4) Theft alarms can also be used to surprise your friends and acquaintances, who receive your phone without your permission.
5) Theft alarms can also be used to protect your children and family members from using your phone when you are not around.
6) A signal will sound that will continue until the correct word is entered. Closing the application does not block the notification. Restarting the device also does not block the signal. Only the right word can stop the signal.

1) The thief cannot shut down the application or reduce the alarm sound without knowing your password.
2) Siren will restart when your phone restarts.
3) High signal to move even if your phone is in slow motion.
4) Shake the phone and flash the screen like a police light when the alarm is activated.
5) Selection of audio signals and many other available channels for broadcasting.

It moves loudly when:
1) The charger is disconnected from your phone
2) If your phone is raised from its comfortable position
3) When your phone is stolen from your pocket

Protect your phone from thieves. Stay tuned for more with this app.

Note: This application does not claim to be able to prevent complete theft. It is the owner’s responsibility to be careful. With anti-theft warning you can prevent theft.


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