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“Bike Stunt 3: Stunt Legends”, the third game of renowned Bike Stunt games. A much-celebrated trilogy awaits you, 100 million+ users which actually liked our ‘Bike Stunt 1’ and ‘Bike Stunt 2’ games.

UHD graphics, challenging levels, and adventurous gameplay. Perform different bike stunts and take part in bike racing games. This game comes with multiple modes such as career mode, adventure mode, and multiplayer mode. This new bike game will make you an expert in bike racing games. Bike stunt games were never so much fun before. Enjoy the ultimate experience of bike racing among other free games.
This most awaited bike stunt game is setting new standards for bike games. This new game includes heavy bikes and amazing game environments of bike racing games. Our offline games are extremely addictive due to 3d visuals and realistic gameplay.

Amazing Bikes:
Choose from a variety of superbikes and explore the collection of new bikes in our bike racing game. Select your favorite racing bike and be the champion of this bike racing game. Choose a different bike for each level and beat all the challenges in this bike racing game. Perform bike stunts and become the best stunt rider in this new game.

Adventurous Tracks:
Start your adventurous journey and ride through the versatile tracks of our dirt bike games. Your ultimate goal is to complete all the levels in this bike stunt game. Our free racing games come with dynamic terrains with 3d graphics. Experience the ultimate bike racing in one of our offline games. Challenge your riding skills in our bike games and rise above all.

The Ultimate Experience:
Easy controls, realistic sound effects, and an ever-changing environment give you the ultimate experience of a new bike game. This is one of the bike stunt games with the ultimate features of driving games and racing games. Compete with other bikers in this new bike game by upgrading your bike. Enjoy this offline game and embark on an uphill and downhill adventure. If you are a pro bike rider then this new bike game is just for you!

Different Modes:
Our bike games come with different modes ranging from career mode, adventure mode to multiplayer mode. Select a different stunt bike for each mode, and experience the joy of the bike race game. This is one of our free games with premium features.

Realistic Graphics:
This is one of our popular games which comes with realistic graphics. This new game is one of the prominent motorcycle games. This new bike game has detailed graphics like other motorcycle racing games. Bike 3 gives the ultimate driving experience to our pro players.

Elevating Sound Tracks:
One of our free racing games comes with addictive music which elevates your mood. Bike stunt 3 is one of the 3d games with the ultimate bike race experience. You will forget all about other dirt bike games as you play our racing games.
Play It Anywhere, you can play this bike stunt game in the subway, during traveling via car/bus, or maybe even washroom. This bike racing game will always provide you with fun and thrill, whenever you feel bored you can open the game and relax your mind while playing our offline game.

Upgrade your superbikes and beat your opponents.
Challenge your friends and complete levels in minimum time.
Perform maximum front flips and backflips in our 3d games.
Wear headphones for the best racing games experience.

Note: “Bike Stunt 3: Stunt Legends” is one of our new games and you can play it for free.
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