Blocky the Snake

Play as Blocky the Snake. Eat the mouse to get points. Get 209 points to win.

Unique movement: Press the blue squares to go up, the yellow squares to go down, the red squares to go left or the green squares to go right.

Choose one of 6 speeds to play:
Speed 1 is way too slow.
Speed 2 is really slow.
Speed 3 is a little bit slow.
Speed 4 is normal speed.
Speed 5 is fast.
Speed 6 is way too fast.

Can you get 209 points to win?

On some devices, when pressing the “How to play button” the app may enconter a glitch. The glitch can be ended by pressing the button again or restarting the app.

In any case the “How to play” instructions can be found in the screenshot images and also here:

How to play:
Tap the blue area to move up
Tap the yellow area to move down
Tap the pink area to move left
Tap the green area to move right

If you press the direction you are already facing you will go faster. Press it again or turn to go back to normal speed.

Go faster (by pressing the area in front of you)

If you press the opposite direction to the one you are already facing nothing will happen, you cannot turn around 180 degrees on the spot.

Does nothing (by pressing the area behind you)

Eat the mouse to gain points. It will also grow your body.

If you crash into the wall or your body then you lose the game.

If you get a sore of 209 points then you win the game.

Select a speed to begin the game at that speed.

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