Binge slapping (Yes, that is the “B” word) is intended to be a fun environment where challengers indulge in the careful and meticulous process of touching each other’s cheeks with their fingers, and sometimes with the palm of their hands. That beautiful sound of the fingertips bending that soft cheek aims at bringing in some stress relief and sense of delight when you are the one providing it, and just a wake-up call when you are the one receiving it.

We all need to give and take a virtual slap from time to time, do not take it personal and just enjoy your time. Whether it is your left cheek, right cheek, left palm or right palm, life is all about giving and taking, and in our case, you win if you give more than you take.

This game is completely ads free. Enjoy it and get 15 new chances to play every day.
Turn based game
Choose your avatar
Challenge your friend
Slide up to hit
Slide down to dodge
Keep your cheeks safe.

Happy gaming.

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