Free scientific calculator APK Download plus advanced 991 calc

Scientific calculator 300 plus, 991 is the calculator for students and engineering student. Calculator 991 plus provides powerful functions in a real calculator 991 300 . It makes advanced calculator 991 become the most useful calculator for university and school. Application includes some calculators inside: – Basic calculator 300 plus – Advanced calculator 115 plus … Read more

Onigiri KanaKana – Hiragana Katakana

A new type of “Hiragana” “Katakana” learning application! Have you ever tried to memorize letters one by one? That way is too hard and too boring! Let’s study with vocabulary and illustrations! ・Study with many of useful vocabulary. ・Illustrations which helps memorize. ・Pronunciation (Audio data) of Japanese native speaker ・3 steps method ( Understand → … Read more

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