Clock Vault – Hide Photos, Videos & Hide Files

Clock Vault (hidden photo locker and video locker) is a great self-protection and easy to hide photos, hide videos in private libraries to lock files that you don’t want to see anymore.

The Video Vault app to protect your privacy by sometimes keeping the word password back!

You can easily move library books for viewing, importing, sorting and selling photos.


Hide photos: Make it easy to hide photos from your stump secretly with the help of a watch stamp. Now you have graphic and visual effects in the clock program.

Hide video: You can hide video in many movies. You can play videos on your phone using another video player without opening the file.

• Cover Box: You can organize your desired ribbon wallet into your hidden ribbon wallet. You can also adjust the album cover via the image viewer options.

Strong app protection: Lock apps like Messenger, Gallery, Browser, Contacts, Email or any other application you choose from App Vault Lock.

Change the launcher icon: Hide your hidden clock more with other icons like night, music, calculator and more.

Alert Request: Automatically take a photo and send it to you a personal photo of everyone who is trying to break the protection and open the program behind you. You can also view and hide snooper photos within the Hour database.

Decoy Vault: Hides files in the computer cabinet when you provide decryption to save the photo lock. Replace the wallet with another password if you need to.

• Personal Browser: Personal web browser to import and lock photos, hides video and audio music from the Internet and does not have access to your device.

Video Player: Super enabled video player for watching videos in vault video. Supports video locking and multiple formats.

Themes for Applause: Choose from a variety of applause themes to beautify your lock screen, choose a theme image to keep your lock screen back.

How is the keyword organized?
Step 1: Launch our Visual Library Install app and the clock hands will be activated for the set at 00:00 mode.
Step 2: Move the clock or clockwise to adjust the desired time statement and press the center button on the clock.
Step 3: Repeat the same password and press the central clock button to confirm. The hall will open!

How to open application?
Step 1: Press the clock center button. Hands will be raised at 00:00.
Step 2: Now you can move your statement mode to 5 hours and 5 minutes and then click the center button again to confirm! that is! So you can hide photos, videos and other hidden files.

Important: Do not install this video converter before restoring your files to public domain or they will be lost forever.

This app uses the moderator’s permission.

This app uses access services.

Answers to questions

What can I do if I forget my password?
– Open the vault clock and press the central clock button. Adjust the 10:10 time by moving for five hours and minutes and then press the center button again. The password reset option will be unlocked. You must configure the Password Reset option to use.

Are my files stored online?
no. If your files are only stored on your local device, please be sure to open all your hidden video files before uploading or rearranging or deleting them to the new device.

Can I get the files back after removing the clock?
– No, you cannot restore your files when you uninstall the application.

Contact our developer for any help you may need.

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