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Discord (Discord for PC APK)is a voice, text and video call chat application that was originally designed for the gamer community, its objective being to allow fluid communication within games without interfering with their proper functioning.

What is Discord and what is it for?

Discord is an all-in-one communication platform, bringing together in one place many of the functionalities that can be expected from a call and messaging app like Skype , from a productivity tool like Slack or from a voice chat for gamers like TeamSpeak .

Its purpose, in the words of its own developers, is to offer “a pleasant and welcoming place in which to gather your communities and friends” , a meeting point and exchanges in which you can feel at home.

Main features

  • Possibility of creating your own public or private servers, which (Discord for PC APK)can be adapted and customized according to the use and size that they are going to have (small work or study groups, communities of fans of reading, followers of a video game …).
  • Chat rooms and voice and video channels where you can share ideas and news or just hang out in good company.
  • Huge community: its active user base has not stopped growing since its launch in 2015 and already exceeds 100 million, so you will always find a server to suit you, whatever your interests.
  • It allows the integration of streaming programs such as OBS or XSplit to broadcast your games online.

All kinds of advanced settings, such as notification settings, the ability to add keyboard shortcuts or even completely change the appearance of the interface.

How do you use Discord on PC?

Getting started with the Discord desktop app is a breeze. After downloading and installing the program, you just have to log in with your account or create a new one with your email and the nickname that you want to show to other users (it won’t take more than a few seconds). From there, you can start adding friends, exploring public servers and browsing among all its possibilities.

How much?

The Discord service is totally free and with hardly any limitations (you can create as many servers as you want). However, it is possible to unlock some improvements by subscribing to Discord Nitro .

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 7 or higher.

Other systems

Discord for PC is also available for Mac .

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