DNS Changer: Mobile Data, WiFi

NS Changer is the easiest way to change your DNS and test the speed of DNS servers. It works without root and works for WiFi and mobile network connectivity.

Change the DNS changer of your device’s DNS address, nothing will affect your connection speed. So, it is much faster than traditional VPN. Install DNS Switch for Android and test yourself!

Why change DNS?

Search for free on your favorite sites and programs
Find out in yourself
Stay safe with public Wi-Fi
Enjoy the best study activities
The online gaming experience
Easy to connect with one tap – no registration, signature or password required

How can I improve my internet connection?
If you have a high -speed internet connection but keep in mind that your online browsing speed isn’t the only thing that’s broken, your problem may be DNS. By analyzing your device’s DNS records, you can find the fastest way to access your records as you navigate the Internet. This will not improve your download/upload speed, but in some cases may result in improved online search.

Sometimes, you may slow down when trying to access the Internet from your device. Sometimes, these problems can be related to your service’s DNS settings because your ISP may not always be able to maintain the speed of the DNS server.

Your DNS server errors are affecting how quickly you communicate online. So choosing a fast server according to your location will help speed up the search.

With DNS Changer, you can find the fastest DNS server and connect with just one touch!
This can improve your search speed and gaming experience (ping and lag). (But you should note that it will not affect your internet connection / installation speed but the response time)

The test results show a 132.1 percent improvement in Google’s use of DNS servers compared to the use of DNS records, but use in the real world may not be as fast. However, owning one is not possible for the general public.

With the DNS Speed ​​Test feature:

Find and contact the DNS server speed based on your location and connection.
Improved online test speed and faster response times.
Resolve delays and reduce delays (ping times) in online games for a more immersive gaming experience.

Improve your network connection with fast DNS testing. Find a fast DNS server and connect with one another.

key points:

No roots required

No resources used (RAM / CPU / battery etc)

DNS Speed ​​Testing Feature: Find the fastest DNS server for your connection.

WiFi / mobile phone connection (2G / 3G / 4G / 5G) supported

► Select IPv4 and IPv6 DNS support

support tablets and phones

Quick search on the web

Improve your online gaming experience

Use a pre -configured DNS list or

► Use any IPv4 or IPv6 DNS server of your choice

Simple planning

► Always updated with the latest Android updates.


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