Download Tesla Apk For Android [Latest]

Tesla Apk Download For Android [Latest]

If you are using a Tesla electric car, it has many advantages. We are here with the same application for all of you, known as the Tesla APK. This application provides advanced services to control your vehicle through your Android device. One of the best things about the company is the use of clean energy, which does not affect the environment at any level.

What is Tesla AP?

Tesla AP is an Android lifestyle app designed specifically for users of the company’s electric cars. The app provides some of the best features, allowing you to easily control your journey through your Android device.

With the introduction of new technology, people used many new factors in development. But there are also things that pollute and destroy our planet. Therefore, this company offers some of the best ways to travel without affecting or producing gases. People like to use cars for travel, which brings cutting-edge features to customers. So now you can find some functions that can be easily controlled through the Tesla app.

Car has many applications(Download Tesla Apk For Android , but it provides incredible services. There are various functions available in the application that you can use. So, we are going to share some popular features, which are quite useful for everyone. So, stay with us and get all the information here.

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As you know, the company offers vehicles that run on electric power. Therefore, you must maintain the charging system, so the application provides real-time information about the cargo of your trip. Therefore, it can start and stop charging automatically.

You don’t need to connect them manually, just use the Tesla app and turn off the load to save electricity easily. Users will have full control of these services, allowing them to make multiple decisions based on their mood.

Temperature control

There are different temperatures depending on the climate and time, so here you will find temperature controllers. So now you can easily control the temperature of hot or cold without getting into the car.

You can control these functions while your car is in the parking lot or in your garage. So, no longer go in a car with hot or cold temperatures with this amazing app.


The latest models of the company’s cars are compatible with the autopilot system, which allows your car to run automatically. Therefore, with the application, you can easily get your car out of the garage or parking lot. These are amazing features for users.

Tracking system.

You can also track the location live if you want to know the location of your trip. The application provides users with direct location information. You can easily track the location of your car with this application.

Tesla Safety Score offers a number of features for Android users that you can explore. So if you are ready to access all these services, download the AP file on your device and start looking for all the available features.

App Details

Name Tesla Apk
Size 283.3 MB
Version v4.0.2-657
Package Name com.teslamotors.tesla
Developer Tesla, Inc.
Category Apps/Lifestyle
Price Free
Minimal Support Required 6.0 and Above

How to download the Tesla 4.1 app?

There are several ways to download the AP file, which we are going to share with all of you. The first step is to access Google Play, but you must find the application on the platform. So, we are going to share a better option.

You can find the download button at the top and bottom of this page. Once you find the button, all you have to do is tap on it.

Key functions of the application.
Free to download(Download Tesla Apk For Android) and use.
The best lifestyle app.
Get cargo information.
Control locks.
Send location to navigation system.
Check the lights and horns.
Control the panoramic roof.
Autopilot controls
Make temperature changes.
Simple and easy to use.
The interface is easy to use.
It does not support ads.
much more
Last words
If you own a Tesla car, the Tesla app is a very useful app for you. There are many actions that you can easily perform and enjoy through your device. So, get the app and discover all the features.

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