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Ultimate Game Mode.

The Game Status app is a solution for outdated and bug fixes. Play your favorite sports without delay. Use our survival game and enjoy a game without a break! Focus on the game, play without distractions and show your skills! Enjoy a simple gaming experience without delay!

This is the only sports program in the Sports Store that comes with a large set of features to enhance and enhance your sports experience. Set one, and the game will automatically stay for you.

How does it work?
You can set different settings to be applied automatically when the game starts. You can set these settings globally or on an individual basis. Gaming Mode Booster also remembers your device settings and resets them after your game play when you turn off the service from the display.

Simple game play:
Automatically reject incoming calls – our rescue game is at your side. Demonstrate your skills without interruption.
data blocks – with Game Booster, your focus won’t be distracted – gaming experience.
Clean up software to free up RAM and improve gameplay – your experience is our top priority.
Anti -Tools – Remove Quickly After!
Play with high performance – Improve your gaming experience, unlock FPS levels!
Break the light automatically and set it to the position you want.
Change the status of Wi-Fi, voice recognition and multiple media for a gaming experience.
Easily create widgets to start games right from your device. Your game play.
Enable Auto Mode, it automatically detects the game / app, applies extras, and returns to the original state after exiting the game / app. app. *
* Great sign

Anti -Game Tools – Delay Fixes and Bug Fixes
The Game Mode app is the best solution for late and overdue packages. Play your favorite sports without delay. Use our life -saving game and enjoy it without delay – no delay games! Anti-Gambling Tool #1!

Ping Booster – High Ping Solution
Yeah, it sounds bad to me, BT doesn’t seem to be for me either. Your sports are our priority. Improve your system’s performance in seconds.

Build Widget – Game Launcher
The ease of use and the widget on your home screen will make your gaming experience even more enjoyable. Play sports in your home – delicious! Instead of spending your time exploring games, enjoy games, use our widget feature – Game Launcher.

questions and answers:
“How can I improve my experience in sports?” Our gaming console is a unique solution, and we will choose your device for the best gaming experience.
“How about playing at 60 FPS at high performance?” With our Game Booster, you will have a simple gaming experience and high FPS levels!
“Do you have a sports game in the app?” Yes, create widgets on your home screen to be your gaming console!
“Which device is best for high pings and no old games?” – It’s easy, game mode! 🙂
Thanks to our live game, you can show off your games without any confusion.

The gaming experience has improved
The state of the art game is so rich in features that it has received a whole set of nicknames from our users: Game Booster app, Big Fix and League Remover tools, Game Launcher, Ping Booster, Game Turbo effect, High Ping solutions , anti-game tools, FPS booster and more! Whichever way you name it, when you install the game system, you get a smart device, which will be your favorite game partner.

Your game saver and tools to stop the delay.

We would love to hear your comments on our app and open to suggestions, package reports and special requests.

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