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Trent is a powerful translator that supports Hindi translation and 100+ other local language translations. You don’t need to open a search for Google Translate or Yandex Translate, you don’t need to pay for one hour. online.

It is an important translation for travel, business and education for all with disciplined translation including visual translation, audio translation, file translation, four online translation, etc.

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Support for all languages
Trent is an expert in Indian language translation that allows you to translate from English to Hindi (Hindi translates from English to English), translate Malayalam to English, translate Punjabi to to English, translate from English to Marathi, to English Translate and translate Tagalog spelling. From English to Tamil. At the same time it also supports other international languages, including Japanese translation to English, English translation to Turkish, English translation to Korean, and others.

★ Translator: Speak and translate voices
The translation app allows users to speak and translate audio into text (voice over). The automatic voicemail will quickly and accurately detect the user’s phoneme, translate correctly to the language you have set, and read aloud the text. translation from text by audio recording.

Voice Translators supports all languages ​​from Hindi to English, Urdu to English, Urdu to Canada, Hindi to Canada, Telugu to Hindi, Hindi to English, Malayalam to Hindi and all other languages ​​to help you you speak freely. With foreign speakers and breaking language barriers

Translator / Floating Ball Translator
Drag the translation float to any text you want to translate in any app or webpage, and the corresponding translation will be displayed. and seconds. Double -click on the last ball to enable the “All Translate” section in the Automatic Screen Translator and enjoy the translation of the current page.

Translator/Picture Translator
With the Smart OCR feature, any text can be translated directly using your mobile camera without the need for text information. Any text in all files and images can be automatically detected and translated.

متن Translator / Interpreter Talk
When you talk to your friends using many social programs, Tront allows you to quickly translate texts from spoken information and hidden boxes, making it easier for you to communicate with foreign language friends.
>> Bubble Text Translator: Pull the ball beyond the content in the conversation or a paragraph of text.
>> Translation Inbox: Drag and drop the ball behind the text in the Box, it will be translated.
>> Text Plate Translation: Copy the text, and click on the last ball to translate

Turn the screen
Whether you use Facebook / Instagram Twitter for social communication or use WhatsApp / Messenger to communicate with others, or you find a page in a survey, Trent helps you quickly match foreign languages ​​to your goal. Translate into English without having to go to translation software.

Translate files
All supported text files include doc, pdf and txt text files and other text files such as xls, rtf, and others.

راټ Collection of resulting translations
Add results to your translations where you want them, and review them anytime, anywhere.
This way you can choose a different language and use Trout as your default dictionary.
Trent knows your native language and automatically translates text and phrases into the language you need.

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