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Hide conversations and secure phone calls from visitors, visitors and your boss to monitor your phone.

Hide passwords, payments and financial programs in the face of a secure phone.
Hidden mask chat Whatsapp chat is free and works without internet.

Mask Chat is a free chat tool designed to secure for Android users while having private conversations on their phones.

MaskChat is a special privacy / security protection for Facebook Messenger, Line and WhatsApp.

Suppose you are traveling on a bus or subway and you are talking to someone on your cell phone and you see someone sitting there. sitting next to you on your cell phone, this is the exact moment to turn the viewer away from you alive. Cover the discussion.

This application allows you to hide your personal belongings in public places like buses or the street. So you feel comfortable talking by putting a mask on your screen.
Hide the picture
Hidden live speech
Hide everything you want

Mask Chat App Features:
Fit the mask on the screen.
Set up different mask themes.
Remove the mask from the library image and wear a clear mask.
Protect any social conversations using the Mask Chat app.

What can you hide?
Hidden WhatsApp conversations
Natia Snapchat
Hidden Facebook searches
See WeChat
Hide the screen when typing a password or receiving confidential information.

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