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Media Vault can hide photos, videos and files, open the app with a PIN or pattern or fingerprint.

Hide the Media Vault icon from the home screen or replace the Media Vault image with the alarm clock, weather, calculator, calendar, Notepad, browser and radio on the home screen, easily confusing intruders and keeping the media safe. .

• Ad Vault has a detailed notification that allows you to easily see who tried to open Ad Vault without your permission, Media Vault will take a snapshot when user enters wrong PIN, and unlock fails. .

• PIN lock with emergency software option, keyboard control to ensure increased security.

Media Vault supports invisible design lock.

Key features
Hide photos, videos and files from phone and SD card.
SD card support, you can transfer your files from phone to SD card and hide it to save space for phone memory storage.
There is no storage limit for hiding files.
Open a media wallet with a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint.
Ia Natia Media Vault icon.
Replace the Media Vault icon with a fake image to confuse users.
There is an application notification, which takes a picture if the PIN or design is incorrect.
Find out who is trying to access Media Vault with the wrong PIN.
★ Beautiful and easy to use.
Types of topics.
Keyboard signals.
★ Visible design.

——- Frequently Asked Questions ——
1. How do I set up my PIN for the first time?
Open Media Vault -> Insert PIN Code -> Confirm PIN Code
2. How can I change my PIN?
Open Media Vault -> Set -> Change PIN
Confirm PIN -> Insert New PIN -> Insert New PIN
3. What should I do if I forget my Media Wallet PIN?
Login screen -> Reset PIN, follow the instructions.

You can ask Media Vault for permission to access the following features
Photos / posters / files for wallet section.
Corruption cameras.

Note: This app uses administrator permissions
– This BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN permission is used to prevent unauthorized use of Media Vault. After you apply this advanced protection, no one can remove the media wallet without a PIN. If you wish to remove it, please remove the uninstallation bar from the device first.

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