NetGuard – no-root firewall 2022

NetGuard provides simple and advanced ways to block Internet access – no root required.

Requests and addresses may be individually denied or denied access to your Wi-Fi and/or mobile network.

Turning off Internet access can help:

Limit your information usage
Protect your rocks
Increase your privacy


Easy to use
No roots required
• 100% open source
Do not call home
No research or analysis
No ads
Build strength and support
Android Supports Android 5.1 and later
• IPv4 / IPv6 TCP / UDP supported
• Contact support
Allow it if the screen is alive
Can be turned off when moving
Or it can be closed using systems
.Notify when a request is received online
• Stamp the usage of the link at each application address
Main objects and light and dark themes

Pro Features:

Record all foreign traffic Inspect and Cleanup Efforts; Export PCAP files for traffic details
Allow / block individual addresses in each application
Notice of New Requests Order NetGuard directly from the description
Displays the speed graph of the communication in the status bar
Choose from five additional themes on light and dark

No other wall without roots offers all of these features.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can email

If you want to help people struggle fluently in English, you can help translate NetGuard into your language:

If you want to test the new features, you can join the testing program:

All required permissions are described here:

Download Link

The detailed information is available here:

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