Novak Djokovic

The Whole Career Of Novak Djokovic Personal To Professional:

Novak Djokovic (born 22 May 1987, Belgrade, Yugoslavia [now in Serbia]), a Serbian tennis player, was one of the best performers in the game in the early 21st century when he won the 16 Grand Slam title.

Djokovic got tennis at the age of four and quickly climbed to junior level. Despite growing difficulties in Serbia affected by the war of the 1990s, he became Europe’s top-14 and underscorer and later the continent’s No. 16 and underage player before becoming a professional in 2003. Became. Djokovic entered the Top 100 in the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) at the age of 18, and won his first ATP event in July 2006. After reaching the semi-finals at both the 2007 French Open and Wimbledon, he reached the final of this year’s US Open but lost to Roger Federer in straight sets. Djokovic’s hot game continued until 2008 when he won the first Grand Slam tournament of the year, the Australian Open, becoming the first Serbia to win one of ten most prestigious singles championships in tennis.

Djokovic’s development continued for nearly three years, when he won only 10 men’s singles tournaments of ATP and reached only one Grand Slam final (2010 US Open) between February 2008 and the end of 2010. When he led Serbia in December 2010, his fate changed. Davis Cup team’s first Davis Cup title The Davis Cup victories started with a 43-match winning streak.

It was the third longest stretch (after 1968) in the Open era – the second title of the Australian Open in January 2011. Novak Djokovic victory started with a Federer defeat in the semi-finals of the French Open, but his strong play helped him win the 2011 Wimbledon Championship shortly after defeating Rafael Nadal. Djokovic later defeated Nadal in the final of the US Open and made his third Grand Slam title of the year.

At the 2012 Australian Open, he once again defeated Nadal and won a five-seat thriller that lasted for about six hours. The two competed for the fourth consecutive Grand Slam final at the 2012 French Open, where Novak Djokovic lost to Nadal in four sets. Djokovic defeated Andy Murray in the fourth Australian Open title in 2013, and won another Wimbledon championship the next year when he defeated Federer in a dramatic final of five sets. He defeated Murray once again to capture his fifth career Australian Open in 2015, which made Djokovic an all-time leader at the Australian Open Men’s Singles Championship during the Open era.

After losing in the final of the 2015 French Open, the top seed Novak Djokovic defeated Federer to win his third Wimbledon championship. He continued his hot game at the US Open, beating Fader in the final and earning his 10th career grand slam title. Djokovic won his Grand Slam match by 21 runs when he defeated Murray in straight sets in the final of the 2016 Australian Open. He once again competed in the final of the Grand Slam at the 2016 French Open, giving Novak Djokovic a career grand slam in his first French Open Championship.

Novak Djokovic reached the final of the 2016 Open but lost to Stan Wawrinka, Switzerland, in a four-set win. He failed to advance to the quarter-finals in the first three Grand Slam tournaments of 2017, and in July announced that he would not play the rest of the year to treat an elbow injury that has been bothering him for the past 18 months. Is. He returned to play in January 2018. Djokovic gradually improved throughout the year, and in July he made his fourth career Wimbledon title.

Two months later, he won his third American Open singles championship. In January 2019, Djokovic won his seventh career Australian Open singles title, the highest in the history of the tournament. He then defended his Wimbledon title in an epic way, defeating Federer in the final four hours 57 minutes (the longest in tournament history), ending the fifth set with an unprecedented 12-12 tie.

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