Private Photo Vault

Lock photos on your phone in the personal photo wallet. Personal Photo Vault is the # 1 iOS photo safe app now available on Android.

What makes a personal photo wallet so special?

Usually, someone will ask you to use your phone, and you will feel compelled to say yes. Then they go to your gallery and see some pictures that were special. Personal Photo Vault was designed for this purpose, to protect your personal photos. Personal Photo Vault is an integrated photo wallet that stores your photos so that only you can access them. Personal Photo Vault allows you to lock photos to standard photos as well as a photo wallet for storing keywords. Save your photo.

Close photos with personal photo wallet:
1) Set up an account and create a new badge
2) Go to the first short film made for you
3) Click the Extra button to close the photos. These photos will be removed from your account and will be locked securely in the personal photo wallet.
4) Now you have a personal security photo that only you can see

جم Sentences to preserve words
• Location PIN
Word – protection cards
(Close photos in your personal albums)
• Internal Reports: Images + GPS
The Personal Photo Vault report secretly takes photos and records the current GPS location when you enter the wrong word for the application. This will allow you to see everyone who might be looking at your personal photos.
Sometimes a noise maker will ask you to see what photos you have in your personal photo wallet. In this case, you can give them your fake price which opens up a complete set of photos. This will cause them to lose interest in anything in the app while you still have your personal photos in your regular account.

Image management
جوړ Create the right screen savers in the application
په Import and export safely from a standard library
Email pictures
Text messages
کړئ Cover your briefcase to keep the contents safe

See picture
• Independent images
All farm art is active with spinning, spinning, and spinning.
Support the safety screen and pass the time

Lagolago Veto
خوندي Securely import and export videos from traditional libraries
وګورئ Watch videos

A foundation
Personal Photo Vault is hidden from your end user list.
Be safe and secure, away from threatening eyes
Create a video wallet that offers protection for your personal videos

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Can I export my photos after they are hidden in the app?
A: Yes, by pressing the Sales key, any photos you have saved in Safe Photo will be returned to the location you imported.
Q: Is there a limit to the number of photos I can get in the app?
A: No 🙂 Personal Photo Vault allows you to protect your password as much as you have to save personal photos and videos, as long as there is still free space on your device.
Q: Who can see my pictures?
A: To give you more privacy, your photos are kept safe on your device and are not installed on our service.
Q: What’s the difference between a personal photo wallet and an app locker?
A: Personal Photo Vault creates a unique photo gallery for storing your photos. The app only locks in your existing gallery by entering a password.


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