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Do you want to generate QR codes for links on a website, network, text, WiFi, business card or social media?

Do you want to have a QR generator that can generate QR codes to your style and add logos to QR codes to attract more scholars?

Want to make QR codes with beautiful examples?

Code Generator App Want to generate WhatsApp QR Code, Instagram QR Code, Facebook QR Code?

Because this QR Code Generator and QR Code Generator is definitely what you want!


?QR Code Generator – Generate QR Code and Generate QR Code ? is a useful QR Code Generator app. With this QR Code Generator app, you can easily create QR codes for website links, text, WiFi, business cards, SMS and social media and more.


The QR Generator and QR Maker provide access to customized QR codes by changing the colors, faces, patterns and frames of QR codes. You can also add logos and text to enhance your QR code and attract more zinc. With this QR builder, you can generate QR code quickly and easily using efficient QR templates. That’s why you can easily create a unique WhatsApp QR code and Facebook QR code. Make your social media more unique.


Try it! Use this QR Code Generator app to create beautiful and unique QR codes!



? All in one QR code generator and QR code scanner

Generate QR code for website URL, link, text, wifi, business card, sms

Advanced QR Code Generator App for Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook

Set the QR code in different colors, faces, patterns and frames

Supports the use of images such as color QR codes

Generate QR codes with great examples

View and paste the QR code provided

Add the QR code generated to the image or poster

Manage and analyze your generated QR data

Save the generated QR code as an example

Very user friendly and easy to use


How to use it ?

Select the type of QR code you want to generate

Log in and click the ‘Create’ button

Set up and save a QR code

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All in one QR code generator and scanner

QR Code Generator – Generate QR code and generate QR code can generate QR code and scan QR code in one application. A very effective QR code generator


Support any issue

All types of QR codes are supported in this QR code generator app. You can generate QR codes for websites, text, WiFi, business cards, applications, SMS and WhatsApp QR codes, Instagram QR codes, Facebook QR codes, and more.


Free Download QR Code Generator

As a QR Code Generator app, QR Code Generator – Generate QR Code and Generate QR Code can help you generate any kind of social QR Code communication such as WhatsApp QR Code, Instagram QR Code. , Facebook QR Code.

Edit QR code generator

QR code editors can customize QR codes by changing colors, shades, patterns and patterns. This QR generator can help you create custom QR rules for yourself and attract many scholars in easy steps.


Add a logo or social image to the QR code

QR Code Generator supports adding your social image or company logo to your QR code for ranking. For example, you can add your own photo to generate WhatsApp QR code and Facebook QR code.


Different examples

QR Code Builder provides many QR code templates to help you generate. With well -designed QR code designs, you can create beautiful QR codes in easy steps.


Add QR code directly to photos or advertisements

You can directly add the generated QR code to your photos or advertisements with this QR Code Generator and QR Code Generator. Save time and have fun!


History and interests

This QR builder can easily manipulate the QR code and the QR code scanned. Data that you want to use in the future can also be saved, for example.


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Have a good day 🙂

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