SMS Auto Forwarder 2022

An application can coordinate SMS or information between multiple devices.
You install this application and add a filter.
The app automatically sends SMS or notifications to other devices.

Be careful!
If someone asks you to install this application, be careful because it may be a sign.

How to use it
1. First, add a filter to filter the receiver.
2. Enter a phone number, email or URL. You can add more.
3. You can set the phone number or main points in the body of the message as the default, or leave blank if you want to leave everything.
4. You can set the pattern for the message sent.

– Send emails, calls, URLs, SMS or text messages.
– Add diligence to different choices.
– Gmail and SMTP support.
– Support dual SIM configuration.
– Supports time management.
– Support backup filter.

This application does not offer a feature that allows the user to import SMS messages from other devices / phones when the application is not installed.

Ask for permission
This is required for reading and sending SMS.
You’ll need to read your Gmail account and contact information.

– This app needs permission to read or send SMS.
– This app does not save SMS or communications on the server.
– When you delete this application, all data will be deleted without any command.

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