SODA – Natural Beauty Camera

The selfie camera is what everyone is looking forward to.
Introducing Soda, a beautiful and easy -to -use camera.

Good combination of diligence and refinement
No more worrying about using any cosmetics or filters.
Get the best style with just one touch.

• Use Beauty Effects in Real Time Take a perfect selfie for the first time without the need for further changes Take advantage of real -time skin -free and beautiful natural effects in real time .

Different selection of colored enemies selected for yourself
Try diligently to suit your skin!
Capture many different emotions using different selfie filters.

Take photos from the familiar to the unfamiliar with the use of images. Just playing the part of the picture adjusts its focus and makes it more fun.

High resolution for distorted images
What is a selfie camera without the best photos?
Test yourself using our high -quality brand.


SenseTime technology page
Family application: B612, snow, food, appearance

Camera: Take a photo or video.
Location: Record information on the location of the gun.
Audio: Record audio to video.
Read external storage: import and edit images from external storage.
External decoration: Save photos to external memory.

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