The best Free Fire weapons and how to get them


Having the right weapon can be vital in any Free Fire – Battlegrounds game, but to choose well you have to take into account many factors: the free space left in your backpack, the distance at which the enemy is, the visibility of the enemy. place … The repertoire of weapons that Free Fire offers is huge, so much so that it is sometimes difficult to choose. Therefore, today we bring you a wide catalog only with the best Free Fire weapons within each category: melee weapons, pistols, precision rifles, assault rifles, machine guns, shotguns and special weapons.




Choosing a good pistol is essential because, although most of the game you will not need it, your life will change completely in a difficult situation if you are well equipped. Our priorities are these two guns:

* Desert Eagle: A pistol almost as powerful as a shotgun, with a capacity of seven rounds. You can only find it in the ‘Squad Duel’ mode and at the start of certain games.

* M500: It is the only Free Fire pistol(The best Free Fire weapons and how to get them) that comes with an optical sight, which is extremely useful for shooting at medium and long distances. In addition, it is possible to equip it with a silencer and other accessories that improve its aim and qualities, although not its low capacity (five bullets).

Precision rifles

You will need a precision rifle for any game or moment in the game where your enemies are at a long distance. These rifles offer a higher degree of precision thanks to their telescopic sights and cause enormous damage, but their loading speed is slower and they are difficult to handle when the enemy is nearby.

Best Free Fire Precision Rifles:

* AWM: This rifle includes its own ammunition and comes with a five-round magazine with which it is possible to cause five casualties on the enemy side, since it is the most lethal rifle in the game. The only way to achieve this is to be attentive in the ‘drops’.* M82B: It is one of the great novelties of Free Fire, less lethal than the AWM but capable of going through ice and other solid surfaces, which makes it the ideal rifle to attack the enemy when it is in a vehicle. Another advantage is the size of its magazine (8 rounds) and its optional silencer.

Assault rifles

Free Fire offers a huge list of options in the assault rifle category, with lighter or heavier options to suit the player. They are ideal weapons to range between medium and long distances on the battlefield and with the advantage of automatic firing, much faster than precision rifles. These are our favorite options:

* GROZA: combines a shooting power similar to that of the AK-47 but has the precision and long-distance stability of the FAMAS or the M14. It does not have as much rate of fire as other weapons in its class, making it ideal for keeping up with the action even at short distances. Its only drawback is that it is not easy to get: it is only available in some ‘drops’.

* M249: It is not a light machine gun, quite the opposite, but thanks to its weight it is ideal at long distances (it has hardly any recoil) and combines the strength of war weapons with the versatility of an automatic rifle.

Machine guns

The great advantage of having a good machine gun is that your enemies will have almost no time to breathe or protect themselves if you burst in with a hail of bullets on them. Here are our two favorite Free Fire machine guns:

* Thompson: This option is only recently available and has all the advantages of the MP40 (starting with its cadence) and the P90 (starting with its huge magazine). The Thompson is a curious and beautiful weapon that hides behind its aesthetics a destructive power typical of larger caliber weapons. Without a doubt, the best option for medium and close range fights.

* P90: A classic in the world of machine guns that requires patience, as it has a very high cadence, but offers incomparable levels of lethality when the player gets used to it and manages to tame it. The ideal option for players who bet on stamina and tactics. The P90 has a capacity of 50 rounds and can cause a lot of damage even at long range, so it is advisable to equip it with an optical sight.


In closed spaces they can be the best option and offer a stability when firing that no other type of weapon offers. However, shotguns require skill, so you have to know how to choose the ideal model well. These are our favorites:

* M1887: In the art of playing Free Fire, the best players are able to deal more damage with less effort and, of course, less ammo. That is why the M1887 is a fetish for many professionals: with just two bullets of high destructive power and good practice, it is possible to spread terror on stage.

* SPAS12: Any player may think that the M1014 should come in here before the SPAS12. We chose to prioritize it for one simple reason: it’s Free Fire’s second most destructive shotgun, behind only the M1887. The SPAS12 has another advantage, as it offers more than acceptable playability at medium distances, not just at short ones. In addition, it is compatible with chargers with a higher capacity than the one incorporated from the factory.

Special weapons

The variety within this category is so wide that we cannot stay with just two recommendations, but we are forced to review some striking options with which you will undoubtedly have a great time and have more opportunities to achieve victory:

* Antimatter rifle: It is a perfect weapon to destroy cars or any other type of vehicle and also works perfectly in long-range shots, since it combines distance and precision.

* M79: The favorite weapon to destroy those who hide and stalk other players to pass. This weapon fires 40 mm caliber projectiles, yes, one at a time.

* CG15: One of the most impressive futuristic weapons in Free Fire. In addition to its normal mode, the CG15 allows it to fire kinetic energy (only using the shot from the sight), a type of shot that surpasses the AWM in power.

* MGL140: This repeating grenade launcher with capacity for five grenades is a gem that adds color and nerves to the game from the first moment it appears on the scene. It is only available in ‘explosive jump’ mode.

* Gatling: This machine gun incorporates a 1,200-round magazine. As if that were not enough, it is a fast weapon and at the same time very powerful.



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