Tools for WhatApp

Tools for WhatsApp are here and we have some great tools to offer you:

Chat Direct is designed to help you send messages to any number that is not stored in your network.

1. Enter the number to which you sent the message.
2. Write your text message and click the start button.
3. That’s all!

★★ Mobile phone is designed for people who do not want to use WhatsApp phones.

With just one click you can cancel or allow this job whenever you want!
With a simple example, you can decide what happens when you have a WhatsApp phone.

When you create a WhatsApp call, in other words, when you click on the “Call” function – which happens to be an error in most cases – the application will immediately prompt or change that phone WhatsApp. Start a normal year (you never intended to do).
When you receive a WhatsApp call, the application will prompt, or immediately convert it to a regular phone.

Best Bargain Rates – Cheap Aircraft!

* Beautiful Information!
* Remove malicious messages with just one click!
* Change contact name!
* Instantly share on WhatsApp!

** No root required! **

Very good to be honest? Can’t?
Try again!

It works well in any language.

This is a free trial of the WhatsApp tool that allows you to use the application for 7 days.

For unlimited space, you only pay 4,
Please try the app before purchasing.

We are not affiliated with Whatsapp Inc in any way.

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