Touch Lockscreen photopassword

Display a beautiful photo on your mobile phone and use it as a quick and easy way to unlock it by touching the photo special settings !!
The touch lock screen can only be adjusted to “unlock touch” and touch special features in my photo such as eyes, nose, mouth, face or hand.

Provides high level of security such as “Image” and “Touch Status” which are placed on the lock screen as touch passwords.

As soon as others touch the screen of the mobile phone, a “warning” message is raised so that no one can open it.

It protects my mobile phone which is full of confidential financial information and personal information.



Nice pictures changed my mobile phone password !!! A
I can also use photos of K-pop stars and their role models on my phone which I like.
Photographs of my friends that I took with me, the best photos of my life, travel photos, family photos, and some very beautiful photos that I uploaded from the internet can also be used as a strong compliment.

I can also arrange a beautiful photo of my baby on the front screen of my grandmother’s mobile phone to use as a snapshot and screen lock.
Opportunity to use any photo I want, Touch Lock Real photo



I only do this when I want to reach for something in my favorite photo. The lock screen is compatible with any mobile phone
Surprisingly, this simple and powerful new security technology is compatible with low-end and older mobile phones if their screens are tactile.

▶ Since I can put “Touch Password” directly in my favorite photo, it is very easy to use my mobile phone to add to its makeup.

There is no problem in setting a separate password on my phone when I set the photo password. This is because the situation lock serves as a strong definition.
The first launch of “Touch Lock Screen” is a patented technology that uses authentication documents.



Security is certainly strong.
New way to prevent others from showing passwords when entering “Touch Password”! This is because you only come with a touch lock screen.
I should be concerned about the possibility that only the touch screen could infect my phone with some security breach such as trying to crack my password. Phone rings by guessing or sharing passwords with others? There is nothing to worry about.

There is hidden technology in the touch lock screen to prevent others from discovering the fact that was created while using “touch password”.
This magical form of technology, introduced for the first time in the world, is also evolving.




※ “Touch lock screen” graphics user authentication technology, touch password, random password system, and other technologies protected by patent to prevent duplication or change without permission.
[Our Patent]
– Approved software and support services
– User authentication using existing usernames and random keys
– System manifest slides
– Sentences using letters
– User authentication system for using malicious information
A total of 12 registered patents include the best-listed technology. In addition, we have 6 international patent (PCT) and 33 patent applications.

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