[VIP] HalloweenJoy

[ Paid game privilege ]
1. Remove bottom banner and full-page advertisement
2. 100 coins paid
3. You will receive 2 of each Item

Enjoy hundreds of different and fun stages with Halloween blocks.
Compete with your friends and see who can get the highest score

[ How to play ]
▷ Achieve your goals in all levels and get the best score
▷ Match 3 or 4 or more Halloween blocks of the same color
▷ If you match 5 Halloween blocks of the same color in a row, a multi-block with a huge effect is created
▷ If you match 4 Halloween blocks of the same color into a square, a ghost is born.
▷ Collect coins to buy powerful items.
▷ Challenge your friends in each stage.

[ Game Features ]
▷ Match 3 puzzle game
▷ Maximum fun and highly addictive game.
▷ More than 500 challenging and unique stages!
▷ New level design: Check the direction the blocks are coming down. It doesn’t always come down from the top
▷ Boosters to help you: Break all blocks and solve puzzles with powerful items that help you solve your goals.
▷ All resolutions supported: All resolutions are supported regardless of whether the screen is large or small.
▷ Ranking system: There are various rankings such as star ranking, highest level ranking, and score ranking. Play with your friends
▷ Acquire a large amount of coins and Multi-Eyes through short-term missions (Halloween missions)

[VIP] Halloween Joy is ready for your challenge.
Are you ready to fall in love with [VIP] Halloween Joy ?

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