Voice Changer – Audio Effects

The voice changer is 100% free, the progress is recognizable and beautiful.
The program is very easy to use and can create fun and entertaining emotions!
Record your voice out loud or open a piece of music, apply the experience and share it with your friends.
The application supports a wide range of effects and you can customize routines to get the best sound for yourself.

Karaoke songs and records are faster and easier than ever with a voice changer! Use with three main modes: echo, reverb, middle for maximum sound. Use speed change effects and speed and pitch to adjust your sound. Enjoy and share your best records.

Sections, Features:
✪ Voice changer app supports multiple effects.
✪ Audio recording or built-in special features allow you to quickly change the audio sound.
Sound effects with effects: echo, reverb, pitch, tempo, volume, bass, melody, treble.
✪ Listen to good music and live bass.
ورو Slow to change speed (normal effect with tempo and patch).
شریک Share audio files with your friends via social media.
ث Record and change your voice correctly. Save high quality audio files.
تنظیم Organize as voice, notifications, information …
✪ You can sound like a robot.
✪ Find your voice in girl and female voices (simple) and girl, soft voice, soft voice (before)
✪ Find your voice in masculine (simple) and masculine, loud voice, voice in male voice (go to stage)
✪ Soft sounds like helium, chipmunk and hexafluoride.
Tease your friends with alien, big and small voices.
✪ Like talking on the phone.

Explanatory note:
– Record audio information from the mic for recording purposes.
– Voice memos are not sent anywhere from your device.
– Read audio files from storage.
✪ archive_book:
– To save file systems.
– Provides stable sound reproduction.
– Organize audio files as audio.

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